"Cranial sacral sessions with Liw are a blessing.  Liw connects with my energy, meeting me and my body where I am before moving forward.  In the first few minutes of our last session she found and corrected a long term misalignment.  The rest of the session was both relaxing and energising.  I am so grateful!"

-- Bonnie W.


"I have been getting Craniosacral treatments from Liw Bringleson for the last six months [since October 2009].  While I have had this type of treatment from other practitioners in the past, working with Liw has manifested profound changes in body alignment and freeing up of energy blockages, which has had a positive influence on my health and feeling of well-being -  not experienced in the past. 

I have no reservations about recommending Liw's pragmatic and empathic approach to health and well-being for anyone who is focused on investing resources in living life to the max."  

 -- Ruth